Comparison Essay

In the third essay project I will be comparing the writings of Danah Boyd, Clive Thompson, and Nicholas Carr. I will explain how each of these texts support and contrast each other’s arguments. I would like to explore the similarities and differences in each other these authors beliefs and claims. I have decided to pick the research route instead of the data collection. I think that the research I find on these topics can be more trustworthy and full of new information. If I were to interview people around me I think that most of them would all be the same age and have the same thoughts and experiences. This would not give me enough of a variety of answers so I would not have much to say based on their opinions. The research I conduct will hopefully give me answers and opinions from all different kinds of people with different backgrounds and experiences. Most of my sources will most likely be from the internet. I think I am going to read other chapters from Danah Boyd and Clive Thompson’s books so that I can get a better feel on their thoughts and I can relate them to each other. The other sources will back up my arguments and help prove points and claims. Each resource will be introduced, cited, and explained in order to make my opinions stronger. In my essay, I will be referring to all three of the primary texts that we have talked about in class. I am going to explain each of these writings and then compare them to one another. I plan on relating Danah Boyd’s book with Clive Thompson’s book first. Then I am going to explain how their arguments might contrast each other. However, I also will point out some quotes from each of their books that might be similar and help support each other as well. Next, I will relate Danah Boyd’s book to the article written by Nicholas Carr. I will explain how those to texts both support and contrast each other in different ways. I am going to use the book, “They Say/I Say” as a reference for how to set up each of these comparisons. Also, my course reader will help me with all of the citations and annotated bibliography that I will be making. This essay is going to be full of outside sources and opinions that are going to make all of my arguments stronger.


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