Writing on Social Media

Hi my name is Heather and I use reading and writing in my everyday life. Many people like to write on social media through Facebook or Twitter. They express their feelings, tell stories, or have conversations with their friends. I don’t write posts as much as I like to read them. I think it is very interesting to read about my friends different views and adventures. I also tend to share pictures every once in a while through Instagram and sometimes Twitter. I write a little bit in my captions explaining what the picture is of, who is in it, or what I am doing. However, I usually don’t write any more then that online. One app I do use for both reading and writing is Snapchat. I log on to Snapchat daily to send pictures to my friends or chat with them. Most of my friends are off at different colleges across the country so these social media apps allow me to easily keep in touch them and hear about everything new thats happening. Although I don’t really like how technology is taking over our lives, I do think it is important to talk to old friends and meet new ones as well. Social media helps bring people together while we are practicing our reading and writing skills.


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